Training / Camp Great Dog

Boarding School for Your Dog

Perfect for:
  • The family with a busy schedule
  • The family on vacation
  • Dogs with problem behaviors

In addition to learning the core skills, your dog will learn to be a favorite of your groomer or vet tech, learn to behave properly in dog-friendly stores and patios*, have appropriate play time in a safe environment, and field trips to practice in public. You will receive updates on your dog’s progress with pics and/or video (privately or on facebook)

We recognize that each dog learns at his/her own pace; therefore, length of stay can vary based on your dog’s learning style and goals.

Time of stay is determined by program chosen, and any problem behaviors. Aggression cases are accepted on case-by-case basis.

  • On-Leash (2 week)
  • Off-Leash (2 week)
  • Total Dog (3 week)
  • Camp Great Dog
  • Leash and training collar
  • Updates
  • Three follow-up lessons
  • Ongoing video/telephone support
*Not all dogs enjoy public places. If your dog isn't suited for these, we'll discuss options for your dog’s enrichment.

Training Programs


We have a program specially designed for your new puppy.
  • Puppy Prep