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Dog Training Programs

Train ‘N’ Stay

Our exclusive training camps are in your trainer’s house, living as her dogs do!   All programs include phone support, and follow-up lessons, and optional transport.  

What will your pup learn?
Basic Skills:  Come, Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Place, Polite Greetings 

What will you learn?
How to apply your pup’s training to your lifestyle –
so YOU will have a Great Dog too!

Puppy Charm School

  • 1 year
  • Customized to your needs, this program is a combination of camp and in-home training.  With 4 weeks of camp and 10 lessons, we'll help you raise your puppy into the dog of your dreams!
  • Our most exclusive program.  Give your pup the skills she needs to be the Great Dog you deserve – your friends - your vet – your groomer will love you for it! 

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons are available on a limited basis
  • Prices start at $100/hour