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Our Fidget was tied to a tree by rope and fed canned cat food until he was 1 and 1/2 years old.  Abused physically and emotionally, we adopted him after he was fostered by a concerned community of dog-lovers after Fidget escaped his abusers.  We knew within days we had our hands full and took the recommendations to go to Carol from our trusted neighbors Sean and Jenni, whose rottweiler was quite a handful before training!  Fidget is a wonderful loving member of our family now.   He is obedient to commands, loving to those he knows and always ready to play.  We are so pleased with the training he received from Carol! –
Chris & Laura T. 



Just wanted to write you a testimonial about the training Beau and I received from you.  I recommend this training for anyone who has a dog.  It was essential for me living downtown and having a large breed dog (Weimeraner) with a lot of energy.  Not only was this obedience training but also how dog and human connect to understand each other.  This alone was worth the money.  This email is not enough to thank you for the experience we had! 



Bogart is a big, lovable marshmallow of a mastiff.  But when I was walking him on a leash, he would almost pull me over – since he outweighs me, and most importantly my daughter, something had to be done!   So I started training with Carol.  She showed me how to take control of our walks, so that Bogart is walking with me.  Now my daughter can walk him as well.  Thanks for showing us how to be the leader! 



I wanted to personally thank you for helping save a dogs life. When I first got my half Jack Russell/half Terrier mix from Animal Welfare rescue, he was a real TERROR. Thanks to your dedication and training, Bailey has become quite the manageable, little companion. From teaching him commands, to working with aggression issues and putting in extra time, I have noticed a HUGE difference in his behavior. Before we trained with you I was feeling hopeless (with the teeth marks on my arms to prove it!) and contemplating having to put this adorable dog down for good, due to lack of options. After you went above and beyond to work with him and spend the extra time on helping me and him, he's been outstanding. Whether I am out in the neighborhood for long walks, or giving him commands at home, he is an obedient, little fellow now! Still energetic as ever, but OBEDIENT! THANKS SO MUCH! 
Rob M.


Charley & Daisy

My Siberian Husky Charley was very independent and wild, to the point he would not listen to anything I said. He would routinely escape and run miles away, a few times I’d thought I’d lost him for good. Because I really didn’t understand what I was getting into with this breed, it made the situation all that much more dangerous. I knew something had to be done. That’s where Carol came in. Charley spent six weeks training with Carol. When the training was complete, I was amazed. Charley had turned from a wild dog (literally) into an obedient dog, who now knows how to heel and follow my commands without hesitation. I feel like Charley and I understand each other much better now and have become much closer because of it. This was truly a miracle. Because of how well Charley was trained, when it came time to train my new puppy Daisy, (pit bull) I knew Carol would be the one to go to.  The breed is a very aggressive and potentially dangerous to others. Knowing this I wanted to make sure Daisy would have the very best. When Daisy’s training was complete she was transformed into an extremely obedient, very responsive, non aggressive loving pit bull.  I am truly thankful for all Carol has done for me and my dogs, I highly recommend her as a dog trainer.      



We got Dylan as a puppy.  As he grew, he showed signs of very severe hip dysplasia, but at 6 months he could not yet have surgery. Carol not only helped us with Dylan’s education – she helped us develop a program to help him get stronger, and by his first birthday there was hardly a limp!  He now goes with us to run on the beach, hiking, and still – no need for surgery.  We’re able to keep him safe with his obedience, and fit with the program she set us on.  THANKS!



I fell in love with my high-energy Vizla Gracie, in spite of living in a high-rise! We needed help.  After training with Carol, I’m able to keep Gracie properly – and safely – exercised, even with my hectic schedule.  Thank you so much! 



I’m not sure how I can describe accurately the absolute change in Kelsey’s behavior and personality since Carol’s training: she is, simply put, a new dog. The transformation was so complete as to be almost unbelievable. I recall picking up Kelsey after a day of training and taking her through some maneuvers that Carol had worked on. I remember my jaw literally dropping with amazement at what Kelsey could do--and I’m just not someone who is easily impressed. What happened with Kelsey in that short time was as impressive as anything one would see on an episode of “The Dog Whisperer” .

That said, we strongly recommend Carol’s services for even the toughest cases. We are proof that what she does works. Trust her, follow her instructions, and you will be happy with the results.  
Matt & Sheila



I had the best night last night. Landry got a little feisty when I was trying to eat my dinner so I did the sit on the leash for about 1 minute, let go of the leash and he didn't move till I released him. I'm amazed and can't wait to see how far you can take him!



Going on walks with Shrek was very difficult and stressful – he would take over when he was surprised by another dog, or person – and I was worried we would end up in a bad situation at some point.  Carol showed me how to channel his energy into positive behavior.  Now Shrek looks to me for guidance, instead of trying to control the situation himself.  He can walk through crowds, have dogs approach him off leash, and stay calm – because he trusts me to be in control of the situation.   Now, I have the freedom to enjoy walking him and his ‘brother,’ Archie, anywhere.  Instead of leaving them behind, I can take them to festivals and cafes with me without incident – and everywhere I go, they get compliments.                   
Mike P.



Ms. Carol..........   thank you so much for helping Mom and Dad with making me a better dog!  They have been working hard and I am responding!  They seem to be happier and I am happy that they are happy!  My recalls have been fantastic.....even if twin baby deer are in view.  (you know I want to know I do)  Mom and Dad have been so proud of me!  Thank you so much!   
Sweetie Lively



Hi my name is Tobie and I am a pug.  I am also a model and I like to dress up.  But like most other pugs, despite my beauty, I am stubborn and like to get my way-- which is why my mom brought me to Carol.  Before I began my training with Carol, I liked to gnaw on my dad's shoes and pull hard on my harness-leash.  But I wanted to pass the vigorous test to become a therapy dog, so Carol whipped my curled tail into shape in just a few short weeks!  I learned to sit, lay down, come and heel on command and my Mom was so happy!  I really like going to "school," Carol is super nice and lets me sit on her lap because I am lazy and don't like to run around with the other dogs.  When I am REALLY good they give me a bite of a yummy hot dog, so I'm always trying really hard to be a good dog.  Thanks Carol!
Love, Tobie



After only 2 weeks of Carol's off-leash work with Tucker, we could heel him around a room while other dogs came and went.  We could ask for his attention and get it as people came in and out of the door at the facility.  Just a few weeks ago Tucker went back to the dog area and sat in front of us while a German Shepherd sniffed him very thoroughly, took his ball, and ran off with it.  Tucker has also been with us to my parents' house in the suburbs, where he has been fetching in their back yard as horses graze in the adjacent pastures.  He sees them, but all we ask is that he "leave it," and he does. With great caring and skill, Carol showed us that even though our dog is a handful, and always will be, all of his energy and drive can be channeled into something really great.  He is an intelligent and alert dog that's capable of some pretty impressive things.  Tucker is no longer a prisoner in his own apartment. Thanks for giving our dog his life back, Carol.  He will be forever thankful.



Veronica and I benefitted greatly from Carol’s training.   With her help, Veronica and I passed our Delta Test and we have achieved our goal of being Pet Partners with the Delta program.   Veronica and I are enjoying visiting hospitals and schools-our dream has come true.  Thank you, Carol! 



Wow...sometimes I still can't believe that Lilly is acting like a normal dog. THANK YOU!