Our Fidget was tied to a tree by rope and fed canned cat food until he was 1 and 1/2 years old. Abused physically and emotionally, we adopted him after he was fostered by a concerned community of dog-lovers after Fidget escaped his abusers. We knew within days we had our hands full and took the recommendations to go to Carol from our trusted neighbors Sean and Jenni, whose rottweiler was quite a handful before training! Fidget is a wonderful loving member of our family now. He is obedient to commands, loving to those he knows and always ready to play. We are so pleased with the training he received from Carol!


Just wanted to write you a testimonial about the training Beau and I received from you. I recommend this training for anyone who has a dog. It was essential for me living downtown and having a large breed dog (Weimeraner) with a lot of energy. Not only was this obedience training but also how dog and human connect to understand each other. This alone was worth the money. This email is not enough to thank you for the experience we had!


Bogart is a big, lovable marshmallow of a mastiff. But when I was walking him on a leash, he would almost pull me over – since he outweighs me, and most importantly my daughter, something had to be done! So I started training with Carol. She showed me how to take control of our walks, so that Bogart is walking with me. Now my daughter can walk him as well. Thanks for showing us how to be the leader!


We got Dylan as a puppy. As he grew, he showed signs of very severe hip dysplasia, but at 6 months he could not yet have surgery. Carol not only helped us with Dylan’s education – she helped us develop a program to help him get stronger, and by his first birthday there was hardly a limp! He now goes with us to run on the beach, hiking, and still – no need for surgery. We’re able to keep him safe with his obedience, and fit with the program she set us on. THANKS!


Wow...sometimes I still can't believe that Lilly is acting like a normal dog. THANK YOU!